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The reference to, or actual using of unusual non-orifices in the head.
The gangster warned the store owner that if payment wasn't made by the end of the week, he would pop out the store owner's eye and perform skullbuggery in the hole while he watched with his other eye.
by TooSick4U July 31, 2006
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The act of having butt sex with a skeleton.
Guy 1: Dawg, I totally butt fucked that skeleton. It was some very intense skullbuggery.

Guy 2: Aw, you silly necrophiliac...
by Billiam Jenkins April 08, 2010
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Similar to the act of skullduggery - The ability to ply your ladyfriend with excessive amounts of alcohol, granting access to her back bassage during, otherwise vaginal intercourse.
Leroy: "I managed to sneak one in the back door last night 'cause the missus was bladdered"

Kenneth: "You filthy cunt. That's surely an act of skullbuggery if i've heard one"
by Dan Jeacock January 16, 2008
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The act of deep throating a male member during oral sex.
I popped up to Bristol last week, pulled this bint and took her out back for a spot of Skullbuggery
by Black Flag February 14, 2004
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