Digging up or obtaining a skull from a deceased member of your ops family and sticking your dick in the skulls eye socket.
A blood I skull fucked that cKrabs dead grandma last night.

Fuck my ops, I’ll skull fuck your dead sister bitch
by Bdawg19112 December 27, 2021
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Sex with penis aggressively entering partners mouth in and out.
I got skull fucked last night and my jaw still hurts.
by Bigvbear June 8, 2018
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1. When you're so high on certain substances that you mess up your brain.

2. If someone is making your brain hurt either by lying, manipulating, bitching, stressing you out etc.
1. Me and my mate got so skull fucked last night!
Oh my god I'm so skull fucked right now.

2. I just found out my boyfriend is sleeping around. My head's a mess. I feel totally skull fucked.
by misspseudonym January 27, 2016
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1) Something, usually a task, that is extremely difficult to perform and thus causes considerable stress as one feels completely unable to do it.

2) When a man lays on top of a woman and thrusts his penis into her mouth, often a violent action.

3) When one receives shot in the head, typically with a gun.
1) "For fuck's sake! That maths exam was a totaly skull fuck."

2) "Coming to mine for a skull fuck?"

3) "Heard about Johnny "The Hat" Bastardtooth?"

"Yeah, Billy the Arse pirate gave him a skull fuck."
by John Delonge April 8, 2006
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A dumb-ass, usually male and happens to suffer from S.D.S (Small Dick Syndrome) in which they must overcompensate with bad jokes that wreak of the desperate attempts of a guy with a major inferiority complex... WHEW!
Also: Dumb-ass, Fucktard, Nimrod and Wankmeisters.
Inappropriately named children's show character:
If I always make bad mom jokes beat on the sickly kid and am basically an insecure douche what does that mean kids?
A Skull-Fuck!


SF (skull fuck): You are gay
ASF (ANTI skull fuck): To put it bluntly you godamn inbred half-witted, club footed, blink 182 loving, music ruining, fucktard!... Fuck off...
by DBbonesMEMBRANE April 10, 2010
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1 damaging the eye socket, often time with a penis. And turning the brain into mush.
2 to break a skull open, or to cause serious damage to the head.
Kick my chain again and I'll skull fuck the shit out of you!
by Sick head December 24, 2015
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What you do to someone when you have an unhealthy amount of sexual intentions towards someone.
Person 1: yo i wanna fuck your sister so badly
Person 2: ok sure go right ahead
Sister: oh hell no go away im not getting skull fucked today
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