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Skram is a corruption of the word screamo, first coined in 2004 by Alex Bigman, a.k.a. thebigmin, on the messageboard Cross My Heart With A Knife as a joke. Over time, people took it somewhat seriously, and has now come to be used as a less-commercially co-optable term for screamo, since that word has been bastardized into oblivion, used to describe any shitty whine-fest bands on MTV and the Warped Tour that incorporate maybe 30 seconds of screaming per song.

Typically, true skram records are pressed only on vinyl, with handmade covers, and in quantities of far less than 1,000.

Previous and less successful attempts to create a term that the mainstream media and major record companies would deem "too stupid" to steal and repackage included kittencore, and the more appropriate, kitten violence.


-ultimate skram : literal meaning

-epic skram : skram that usually contains abrupt and extreme tempo and volume/distortion changes, nontraditional rock instrumentation (cellos, violins, trumpets, various other orchestral instruments), and other effects to heighten the "epic" feel of the song, these songs tend to be longer in length

-1337 skram : more obscure and elitist skram

-OOP skram : used for skram records that have gone out of print, but are still in demand, and hence, command a princely sum on eBay or




-teh screamies

-skramz0rz (or further variations, ex: skramzei0rz0ers, the more ridiculous and over the top, the better)

-amo the little-mentioned counterpart to skramo, if screamo:emo::skramo:amo, get it?
"Yo his skramz are of high skramality....he seems influenced by early spirit of versailles." - SKRAM KID

"Yah you're right....he has the high pitched "tiger" skram that band such as in loving memory or early love lost but not forgotten had" - SKRAM BRO

"whatever none the less....he is leet skram....He is teh_skram##iezzezez"
by thebigmin October 15, 2006
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Short term for "screamo", the type of music. Is also used in describing listeners of this music.
"I listen to skram shit, I'm a skram kid."
by commie whore November 26, 2005
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