verb. (derogatory)

1. decisively beaten.
2. humiliating defeat.
3. to be shown up.
4. being owned.
5. to get spanked.

Etymology: derived from schooled - to be taught a lesson. It is purposely misspelled to make it's derisive nature/usage understood.
Man, if you gonna talk smack you better bring or you'll get skooled.

If you ever find yourself being skooled, best not bitch about it. Doing so makes you look like a tool.
by TranceaddicT March 12, 2014
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Mom: how was school today?

Me:Skool was fine

Mom:Woah. Hes cool
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to teach or let someone know what u know
Lemme skool you on something, you don't get buck wit dese people, or they will whoop yo ass.

Please skool me, cuz I don't know how to do dis.
by Crazy Boo June 9, 2005
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To teach someone who is ignorant on a subject...
Hey Homie ! Sit down, i'ma skool ya on something right quick ...
by STREET SLANG November 26, 2016
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Shining examples of accountability and discipline. Where you can send your kids for the best edjumaction around. (Obviously not written by a publik skool kid)
After I gradueted from publik skools, I got hired at buger keng for 5.15/hr. In dese here gubment skools, day sed it duddnt matta if ya ded a gud jub, jest feel guud about yerself. I so feil guud about miself wen I smoke crak every da n'sit on my lazi ass waitin' fur my gubment cheese. I luv da federal guverment of amerika!
by J. Malik October 11, 2005
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