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as in cool or safe or ok
bob: i wont b able to com to ur party yh
bob: i going ova to my gyal house yh
micheal: skn
by 4evarandom October 18, 2006
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Sigma Kappa Nu
Often spelled out on red greek letters within a triangle.

A mostly all white Frat turned mafia-type wanna be black crew who in truest form were racist.

In the 1990's attempted to gain connections on the streets of New Haven, Connecticut tried to infiltrate various gangs, cliques, and crews.

defeated by an organized resistance in a 5 year conflict called The SKN War
Suburban gang trying to conquer the urban from the inside.
by LastGuardian November 17, 2004
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PRO of mega family . He is always busy faking collections of mega family movies ( chiranjeevi , allu arjun, pawan kalyan, etc list goes on) and running Andhra Box Office along with Deepak Kodela and Mahesh Koneru. He is the reason for the fake industry hits of mega family and fake records of mega family. He is the main reason of fake stardom of actors such as Pawan Kalyan and Allu Arjun.
SKN can project Agnyaathavaasi as a bigger blockbuster than Avatar.
by naidugaru June 17, 2018
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