word used by druggo ozzys or big lez show fans. used to describe a mental state.
mum-“oi ya fucken druggo lets go do
some skitz shit”
son-“ah fuck yeah, cunt! fucking skitz cunt m8”
dad-“oi ya fucken skitzo fucken bring me in on dis cunt
mum-“fuck off cunt!”
son-“yeah dad fuck outta my face ya fucken potato head lookin druggo”
by Ellen ripley January 15, 2018
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meaning tight, dope, or phat.
Those shoes are skitz.
by Anonymous May 15, 2003
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Threatning to beat someone up. said with an aggresive tone
Watch yaself or im gonna go skitz on y0 Arse mofo!
by Biscuit Assasin March 6, 2004
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If someone had beat up an old lady for no reason, I'd say ' Woah man, that is skitz'
by P T August 31, 2005
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Wiping your finger on your sweaty ass/balls/vagine/underarm and then wiping it under an unknowing persons nose.
He was just standing in the line at the bank and I gave him a skitz.
by nine February 18, 2004
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To skitz...
What you do when on meth, ice, or w/e you call speed.
He only did one line, but he was skitzing all damn day!
by mar007 December 17, 2004
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Used on the streets, if someone is skitz they are harsh and un-easy, not very friendly, to go skitz on someone is to bEat the shit outta them basically.
Tom - Hey that kid is staring
Billy - Fuck of you cunt, don't stare before i go fucking skitz on you.
Tom - thats better
Tom - hes staring again dude!
Billy - right thats it you cunt, *smack*
by Maurice Moe junior May 20, 2007
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