Only the cutest horse ever known to man, er... horse-kind.
Whoa. You're like, nearly half as gorgeous as Skippy. Wait.. maybe not.
by Skippy December 16, 2004
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Skip, Skippy (singular), Skippies (plural).

Derogatory term for a person with little or no money. Can also be used to describe items of low quality.

Slang used in the north Wales area near Colwyn Bay, believed to have originated from the nickname of people running the local waste site. The waste containers used there are known in the UK as skips, hence the nickname and correlation of anything in a skip being of little or no value.
"I always thought Steve was a bit skippy because of his tatty clothes."
"The Smith family were a bunch of skippies, they always looked like they'd not seen a shower in weeks."
"Phil's shoes looked a bit skippy, they must have only cost a few quid."
by The Christmas Moose January 16, 2012
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A convenient store from the Sherwood Heights that has changed owners many times. But will always be called Skippys
New Kid: Hey want to go to slemans'

Heights Kids: Yo man its called Skippys
by Kevin Lichacz October 17, 2007
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A modified term for spiffy or special. Also everyones evil twin is named Skippy.
How are you doing to day? "Just Skippy"
by meh September 05, 2003
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A man or a woman who uses a person to get to another person of interest. Usually through identifying interest that that person has and exploiting that interest to gain trust and friendship.
You meet a person and that person seems to have some of the similar interest as you. You hang out with that person and one day you come home only to find out that person is in your friends bed (naked). Skippy.
by kurttword August 01, 2011
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Any worksheet, assignment, overhead, diagram, or visual that you have to do/look at/take notes on in Mr. Kamara's class.
"okay keeds... doo dis skippy"

"for homework, do this skippy"

"look at da skippy on da board"
by MrLynch January 18, 2004
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