1. An extremely long and thin penis.

2. The opposite of a chode

3. A brand of peanut butter.
1."He poked me in the eye with his massive skippy"

2."He didn't have a chode, he had a skippy"

3."Pass the skippy"
by luke April 09, 2005
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A pellet or BB gun is all you need when on a skippy safari
by lucky December 06, 2003
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Common name for a preppy or fraternity guy.
Biff: Skip old boy, are you attending the Dartmouth v. Yale game saturday.
Skippy: I'm there bud.
by skippy May 08, 2004
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Skater hippies that are also usually trippies
In Boulder Colorado the damn skippies think they can really skate.
by Art November 03, 2004
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A coded phrase that distinguishly means "fuck tha police !"
derived in the Stafford, Virginia area.
pronounced skipayyyyy.
by Miggalicious September 03, 2009
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skippies are nippies and nippies are nipples
its cold in here, i can see your skippies
by skippielover January 30, 2011
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