A name used as a compliment toward a persons appearance. The person does not have to necessarily have to be skinny or royal, but just attractive.
"Have you seen Adriana's outfit today?"
"Yes she's a skinny queen!"
by skylairgd August 20, 2017
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4 skinny queens that are raised by the skinny legend herself...Mariah Carey
Person 1: who is your mom?
Skinny queens: Mariah carey...
Person 1: OH MA GA GURLL that explains why you are a skinny queen
by Tettathatbitch February 27, 2018
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Simid is the only skinny queen and she is the ruler of the world in she has slaves😘🥰
Simid is Skinny Queen Purrrrrrr.
by Skinnyqueen4lifeeee March 29, 2022
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