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OMG! thats so fucking cool! skibs!!
Yo, i fucked this cat last night and shewas a FREAK!
thats so fucking amazing man!
(high five)
by ashley phares November 24, 2008
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(n.) a collective term for nieces and nephews; deriving from a merger of 'siblings' and 'kids'
Either my sister's gotta stop popping them out, or we switch to a secret santa--otherwise, I'll go broke buying presents for all my skibs.
by K. English February 05, 2008
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A male white rapper who has the dopest rhymes. So far has came out with an album named "The Pink Slip". It is commonly known that "SkiBs", his rapper name originated from his genuine surname.
Man 1: Hey man, did you enjoy Skibs' songs at the club?
Man 2: Yeah man, his shit is freakin' dope fresh!
by William Odnor November 25, 2011
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Little bits, particles, or remains of a substance.
Someone ate all the cookies and left some skibs in the jar.

Hey got any skibs left I’m trying to catch a buzz
by Mr Skibs February 26, 2019
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A girl who is well known for hooking up with everyone and anyone, no matter where, when, why, or how.
"I need some ass bro, lets call up some skibs"
by FreekyZeeky December 15, 2009
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adverb - the act of arching one's back during orgasm and thrusting their eyes open violently with pleasure
"She came skib and nearly fell off the bed."
by climax February 18, 2005
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Someone who doesnt know good memes.
Deacon the lord of skibs was browsing his shitty collection.
by NotASkib April 04, 2017
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