A person's outline; their figure.
(When describing a pretty lady)- Check out this girls sketch dawg, she's lookin fine.
by Justin (JKS) January 15, 2008
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The adjective to describe a CREEPER or some other strange person that you feel is a little... sketchy!
Oh my gosh, did you see that old man staring at my chest? He was so sketch!
by HannahBee January 21, 2009
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(verb) -To focus extreme, obsessive or compulsive attention on an object, concept or project, usually caused by the use of stimulants. Also used with "out" as in to "sketch out".
The phone's not tapped so don't sketch on it.

I've been sketching out on this toaster all night but I finally got it entirely apart.
by sketcher69 December 17, 2004
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sketch-of or relating to something sketchy.
WILL is a sketch because his girlfriend is from japan but he lives in the states. also he is a sketch and he brings some of the most random stuff to school.
by fishingforfreddy April 30, 2005
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NOUN- a person who is sketchy
NOUN sketchball- a person who is sketchy. usually describes guys, hence sketchball.
ADJECTIVE sketchy- questionable, weird, creepy. usually describes behavior or people.
VERB sketch me out- to weird out or to do something very weird that bothers you
omg, look at him. he is such a sketchball.

that kid in the corner is so sketchy. he never talks and always wears those weird gloves and reads mystery novels.

he sketches me out so bad. i try to avoid him because he is so creepy.
by pachikaandroxy2 May 10, 2006
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