Short for skelmersdale.

1. A place kinda near liverpool.
2. A shit hole.
3. A place with fuck all to do.
'Fucking hell, theres fuck all to do in skem'
'Skem is a shit hole'
by anon April 26, 2005
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A massive round-about... no seriously, its just round-abouts, and full of fake scousers and groups of pussies that think they own the place, even though they're always beaked up are beyond uneducated.
1. Shit, I'm lost in skem on a roundabout somewhere
2. Laaaa let's get a 50 sack on bail and get beaked up, then we'll go an mug some old person and pretend we're hard as Fuck!
by Tingman11 July 28, 2011
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A former mining village in west Lancashire. Sometime during the 60s the village was flattened and replaced with a series of huge apocalyptic like council estates with hardly any roads leading in or out of them. Complete with dozens of grim underground subways miles of footpaths and a slightly surreal and dilapidated shopping centre known locally as the conny, skem is without doubt one of the weirdest places in Britain. Oh by the way there's no train station either, just thousands of taxis because no one drives.
Skem? That's one fucking shithole that.

You live in Skem? Fuckin ell laa heavy that!
by Skem bippo December 24, 2018
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gangsta town , birchy and ashy hard

harder than Liverpool
different regions called tanhouse ,diggy,birchy,old skem ,ashy and yewdale
skem is harder than Liverpool we are da gangstas we will bang you out
by anonamous you dont no my name December 14, 2016
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A shit place near Liverpool. There is different parts of Skem. Tan house, Dig moor, birch green and other places. People get stabbed and everyone is in gangs.everyone I mean EVERYONE smokes weed.And there is a lotta wannabe gangsters
Skem is shit.There is nothing to do in Skem.
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