One of two things:

1. Someone who skates for leisure, because he or she enjoys to skate.

2. Someone who skates for the purpose of being a "punk" or fitting in with some other group or label.
"Hey, that guy's having some fun skaing. He must be a good skater."

"That stupid kid thinks he's so cool just because he's a skater."
by Cam Krout October 21, 2004
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a person who enjoys skating. it is actually a rule that you are not allowed to be called a skater if you have ever said "sk8er" or "sk8"
skater 1: hey, i almost nailed a double kickflip this time!

skater 2: awsome! i still cant get it.

skater 3: hey! whats up ma sk8er bros!

skater 1 and 2: fuck off...
by mini-logo July 27, 2006
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skateboarder, individuals
Townie: Your all gay and im gonna punch u all
Skater: Your hats crucked and your socks are to long so tuck em in!
by eggy April 20, 2004
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A sarcastic term used to describe girs who go to the skatepark (sometimes even without boards) just to hit on the guys there. These girls may also wear shirts promoting skateboarding brands, but it's done to get attention.
Look at those skaters, they do know you need a board to skate right?
by ally jean February 13, 2008
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Someone who skates purely because they enjoy it, and do so regardless to what ever people think of it. They live for skateboarding. Skaters are not allways good at landing ticks, but the enjoyment for the sport is what makes them skater. Most commonly seen wearing jeans and a hoody, brightly coloured trainers, and donning a New Era cap (with all the stickers on of course) to tame their long hair. Allthough there is no dress code, tracksuits will lose you any status as a true skater. Skaters wear what they think looks cool, and it isn't unusual to see them wearing something completly abstract. Most listen to either punk rock or hiphop, but again there is no rule. Most skaters skate the street (though some prefer vert/ramp) and wear no protection.
Anyone who skates because they enjoy it, no matter what anyone thinks.

Mike Mo
Paul Rodriguez
Justin Eldridge
by Nathan (Y) February 24, 2008
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Known as a shamer in the Army; this is a word personnel in the Marine Corps use that is synonymous with personnel also known as shitbags. Nevertheless, this is the code that many Junior Enlisted Warriors (JEWs) live by:

S-tay under the radar
K-eep away from responsibility
A-llways act busy
T-ake your time
E-vade NCOs
R-ecruit others
LCpl Schmuckatelli is a real skater; he'll probably never pick up Cpl.
by PVT Schmuckatelli July 01, 2016
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A skater is a person just like me and you. Skating is more than a sport, it's a passion and a way of life for some of us. I've been skating for about 8 years, and have only come across 2 "assholes." The stereotypes these days are out of control.

Skaters generally listen to all kind of rock. We enjoy doing what we do.
We enjoy:
Running from the cops
Getting kicked out of public places
Busting our balls to do a trick
Skating til the sun goes down
Chilling with friends

Skaters have real friends. People who will stick by them through thick and thin, not just people that they go out and party with. There's a few of us, but we're a close group.
The skater logo..."Skate till I die."
by Skat3Till I Die November 14, 2007
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