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rude boy/girl/person who listens to ska music and/or participates in the act of skanking.
gordon mcrae is a fuckin skankster
by rudy October 31, 2003
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A skankster is a skank that is also a gangster. This person can usually be defined by their clothing, for example. A skankster would probably wear a wife-beater with a bikini-top instead of a bra. In addition, a skankster is often allowing her thong to hang over the top of her pants so that people can see it. A skankster can also be defined by their actions. For instance, if she's drinking a 40 of beer while doing you...she's probably a skankster.
For example

Sandy - 'Jocelyn looked like such a skankster at the prom, couldn't she afford to wear a real bra?'

Nancy - 'Man, Shelby is such a skankster'
Jill - 'She totally isn't, I heard she's still a virgin!'

Carly - 'I think I'm going to dress up like a skankster for halloween.'
Jesse - 'What's that?'
Carly - 'It's a mix between a skank, and a gangster, can you go pick me up a brown paper bag,a Colt 45, and a crack pipe?'
by seniorponcho February 19, 2010
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Females who dress, talk or act like they're hood, but look dumb and slutty doing it.
Those girls think they're hard, but they're really just a pack of skanksters.
by Stealthy Mcfondleballs July 24, 2011
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skanster n.--outfits and/or people who combine the "gangster" look with elements of the skaterlook, or vise versa. When on a female, or possible a himbo, includes slutish clothing.
God, Jessica, when did you become a skankster?
by Grey Bramrun May 12, 2007
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