One who engages in group sex, or group anal sex; also, an epithet for individuals who are quick to join a majority opinion (i.e. "bandwagon rider"), where that opinion advocates violence or harm.
Iraq won't be safe as long as these little ass gangsters take up arms.
by Zk4r July 29, 2005
When you talk shit about a person you don't like behind their backs but act all cool with them like ya bests friends.
Thot 1: Dang, that bitch eyebrows look like booty meat.

Thot 2: Hell fawk yeah, and she smell like it too.

Thot 3: Hey ladies, how's my eyebrows? Ain't they on fleek?

Thot 1 & 2: Girl, they so pretty!

So there you have it. Thats a fake-ass gangsters. And also if u dislike this definition then that means you also a fake-ass gangsters.
by Uchiha Savages February 18, 2017