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a beautiful, caring, open, and loving person. you’ll love her! she might be broken on the inside but doesn’t let anyone see. connects with one person and will love then off. super funny and outgoing once u get to REALLY know her.
jake: yo, it must be so great to have a girl like simar in your life
tyson: yea, she’s perfect, i’m so greatful
by yaboihhhhh October 27, 2019
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A really beautiful woman or girl, who is surely to catch the attention of every boy around her. Simar can be compared to a diamond, flowers,a rainbow, and anything else beautiful
Oh my god, that girl is so beautiful.
Must be a Simar
by aapkabaap September 02, 2014
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One of the coolest guy you can ever meet. He is a stud and will definitely go after your girl and will get her after you realize it was too late.
by omw2fub11 December 04, 2018
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The most annoying person you can find. Clingy and piles on. Will do anything for attention. Desperate for boys and overall a very irritating person. She will fake everything just for attention and sympathy. Kinda like acacia brinley but not good looking like her.
Simar : omg , I have social anxiety I can't talk to boys without feeling nervous
Girl 1: Weren't you that girl who was flirting and sexting with Tyler and Dylan a couple of minutes back ?

by Theallknowingmaster January 23, 2015
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He is a cool kid who tries to get the girls but fails by his ugliness. He cracked a Nikhils phone and tried to bash him but failed because he is weak. Simars can become the best thing that happened to you and ring your doorbell twice a day so he can play with you. He is a friendly, gay, the definition of the rainbow, HE IS NOT A SAVAGE, he is an average kid who gets kicked in the dust, JK
Is that a Simar, he is UGLY!!!!!!!!!, JK omg he is mine, JK!!!!!!!!!
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Simar very beautiful person gets a guy who cares and loves him then after 3 days breaks up simar is beautiful one guy will fall in love with her and never leave her she is very caring and also takes behind people’s back
Omg is that simar you need to get over her
by Andreavonn January 03, 2020
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