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Gigantic asian with exuberant tittles; a tool
Sasha: im sorry to disturb you honey but did you just see that man
Margaux: dont worry it was just a sihan, and i thought i told you to never bother me when i watch tv!
by avid splunker August 30, 2009
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A sexy sexy man who will brobably steal your girlfriend, marry your sister and have a one night stand with your mom. Smartest man alive as he has an iq of 420. Jesus can walk on water but Sihan can swim through land. PREPARE YOUR ANUS
by Lee keee bumm November 02, 2018
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She’s beautiful, hot, funny, and so much more. She’ll succeed in life and much more. She loves Chick fil a and Zaxbys. So bring her some. She’s very thic 😍
I’m so jealous of Sihan, just look at that body.
by ljack_2023 March 19, 2018
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