Yiddish?, When an older Jewish person is involved in anything that would cause slight or heavy perspiration/ sweating.
1. "Open a window, I'm shvitzing"
2. "oy, with all this shlepping, shvitzing is inevitable"
3."I don't work out. Who wants with all the shvitzing"
by Slamm April 17, 2004
From Yiddish.
To "sweat," literally.
Colloquially it can also mean to "panic" or to "worry."
"My parents will shvitz if I'm not home on time."

"The cops are coming. I'm totally shviting here!"
by SusieM. July 13, 2005
to sweat; to fiend; to worry; to be a jew; to perform an act; to want; to be; to have; to exist...
"Alex got shvtized last night at the party"
"Lets go shvitz a bong load"
"Colin shvitzed an ugly bitch in the ass last night"
"I'm totally shvizting right now"
"I need to shvitz a pizza"
by Shvitz McGee November 5, 2007
Incorporating the Yiddish term for sweat, this phrase refers to
the use of a sauna
After he finished working out at the health club,Eric
opted for a sit and shvitz...
by sheila in the car June 18, 2013
The insertion of a mechanical pencil into a female's anus, then clicking the pencil (at least) once.
"I gave Joanne the shvitz last night."

"Baby, lemme give you the shvitzing arnold... it's all the rave in south Bali"
by Jordan The Rooster October 22, 2009
To steam up the bathroom like a sauna while taking a shit.
No better way to get the toxins out of the body than a shvitz shit.
by Hwash12 May 27, 2017