A really great band consisting of Chris Donathon and Hector Bagnod. Not only do they make amazing techno/electropop, but they're both really really cute :3 On June 10th, 2008, they released "What's Your Medium," a 9 track album.
Track list:
1. Keeping Up With the Joneses
2. Saddle Up
3. FScene8
4. Into the Groove
5. It's About Love
6. Tease
7. Fer Sure
8. The Killer Anna
9. Sho-Fer
The Medic Droid is a well great band with some cute boys to match :D
by RUBBISHtm June 11, 2008
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a band consisting of Chris Donathon. some people said that the medic droid was hollywood undead's hate band but i don't really see how.
The Medic Droid is a totally cool band but they need some more music.
by abi[fersuuure] February 27, 2007
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he medic droid are and three piece band who fuse electronica with rock they are fronted by chris donathan
uhm . . fer those of you who strongly dislike or hate The Medic Droid, fuck off. just cuz chris donathan is homosexual or watevr doesnt mean their music sux. i like it and im a very normal person jeezuz aych krayest.
by Cydney Linkin January 25, 2009
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a powerpop/synthpop band consisting of 3 band members,

(Chris Donathon, Hector Bagnod and Johnny Chavez a.k.a (Droid)

the band formed in 2005, broke up in 2008.

Chris Donathon is suprisingly straight, said in several interviews.
-The Medic Droid-

Fer Sure - No jkjkjk lololol
I heart your fucking makeup
Oh my god I love your hair
Is that a new tattoo?
Did that piercing fucking hurt?
No jkjkjk lololol
by Danny doucheface January 16, 2010
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A robot from multiple films made by george lucas.
"Get The Medic Droid to the wounded"

(actually that part is from a book i read)
by hey im mista know it all March 25, 2009
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A gimmick band gaining popularity by writing ONE song about androgyny, sex, and drugs. Very popular to 14 year olds, almost completely unknown by anyone older than 17 years old. Sells 25 dollar shirts even though for about a year they only had one song but recently wrote one more song (in the aftermath of their popularity slowly going away). Fronted by Chris Donathan, a myspace whore who uses flashy makeup and androgyny, (much like a copycat, less successful Jeffree Star), who spells like he never passed third grade English but makes up for it in having so many preteen and fourteen year olds who wish they could marry him.
"Wow. The Medic Droid is a gimmick."

"25 dollars for a t-shirt? Wow... it must be The Medic Droid."
by Dylan Axel May 25, 2007
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Total fucking joke. Worst band ever, lead singer Chris Donathon is a homosexual.The majority of his fans are in their early teens and wouldnt know anything about real music.
Teen: OMG The Medic Droid is like the best band ever and Chris Donathon is so hot. *giggles*
by medicdriodfuckingsucks September 8, 2008
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