The music video to electric feel, by MGMT

just watch the music video o_O, and youll think your on shrooms
"wow man, did we just do shrooms..?"
by Sorin Markov December 20, 2009
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probably the best thing brought into the world. you go into a new world, and youll never have as much fun as you will while your trippin'. i personally dont know about anyone with a bad trip, except once, but hell yea for shrooms! ..it's like your a little kid going to disney world for the first time. and yeaa its THAT fun.
Yooo, lets trip on shrooms again next weekend !!
by highh420 May 09, 2007
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Mushrooms containing the active ingredient psilocybin. After munching down over an eight of these you will be overwhelmed with euphoria and an opened state of conciousness past the mental barriers your mind created as you matured. Though every trip is different, every trip has a meaning, usually relating to yourself or the world.
John ate 5 grams of gold caps and understood money doesn't make sense. Of course I didn't know what he was saying until he explained it to me while i was tripping shrooms.
by darviskanite April 06, 2010
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when doing shrooms, watch the movie "Wizards" you'll fuckin trip out and be like "WTF JUST HAPPENED?"
all i know is that this one night i tried shrooms for the first time and was thinking "oh man they taste like shit" but later was fucking amazing, we couldnt control laughing and i almost pissed myself because everything was so fucking funny, and i started seeing dots and shit and saying stuff even i didnt understand, it was like i couldnt speak. They may taste bad, but the effects are fucking awesome!
by amanda Lebrun August 17, 2006
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Gods gift to the world. The greatest thing you will ever do. They are fucking amazing! They are great to eat as a cookie too.
These shrooms are awesome
by cunt burger35 May 26, 2012
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n.) A delicious, hallucination-inducing vegetable, commonly seen in Super Mario games.

There are many types, the most notorius being the 'Invinci-shroom'. This shroom will give the user a short, yet extraordinary high. Said person will experience many homicidal impulses, including the urge to trample over others. In extreme cases, they may jump on top of innocent bystanders and crush them into the ground, making what is known as "Road Pizza."

See other; 1-Up Shroom, Toadstool, Marijuana.
"Mario, grab the Shrooms!"

"I've got one, Luigi! Oh my... there are coins EVERYWHERE!"

by Syxx Styles September 01, 2008
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To be correct when smoking shrooms the effects are minimal at best and only really works somewhat if you combine it with weed. And it's Psylocibin you idiots. I doubt even half of you have tried it.
These fools know nothing about shrooms.
by maybenot September 04, 2003
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