when someone has the facial appearance of having been hit, full-force in the face by a shovel, therby making them a "shovelface" the person then has a very flat face, normally they are hideously ugly.
"ugh! she has a bitch of a shovelface!"
by jonobello January 29, 2006
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A girl who looks like an elephant's ass taking a huge dump.
That girl is a shovelface, I can't stand to look at her.
by Sanchez April 7, 2005
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Noun: {shove-el-face}

1. Similar to Butterface, a normally attractive looking woman who has the unfortunate facial features from being hit with a shovel. Also known as the apperance of a womans face being formed from a shovel-like mold
"Wow that lady has quite the badonkadonk! Alas she is also a shovelface."
by Duckyzilla January 16, 2012
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A synonym for a really ugly girl.

A synonym for Robert Pattinson in ''Twilight'' aka Edward Cullen.
person 1: Look at that girl she is so ugly

Person 2:''She is a shovelface''

Person 1:''Isn't that a nickname for Robert Pattinson?''

Person 2:''It is both''
by ajupeeretus August 16, 2013
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Any Asian whose face resembles an upside down shovel.

Typically refers to Koreans.

See also: shovel face
Girl 1 and Girl 2 are driving down the road as a small white Hyundai cuts across 4 lanes and slowly merges in front of them...

Girl 1: God damn zipper head just cut me off.
Girl 2: That wasn't any ordinary zipper head. It was a shovelface.
Girl 1: How can you tell?
Girl 2: Their face is so flat, it looks like a shovel.
by Sue Kmai Wang January 14, 2006
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Marissa, a girl I'm attracted to. Please, no one call her this, as I cry every day knowing my love is hounded for her appearance.
by Daniel Palmedesa May 23, 2003
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