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Contraction of 'should not have'.
Knowing the consequences, you shouldn't've done that.
by Charles Piehl February 27, 2005
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A contraction of "should not have." It can be punctuated many different ways (ie. should'nt've, should'ntve, shouldn't've, etc)
You shouldn'tve called in sick yesterday, there were free donuts in the break room.
by hedfones October 14, 2008
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shouldn't've should not have, shouldn't have is a word invented in Upwey, Victoria, Australia on 15th August 2018 by Jason Veenman following fabricating an axe handle from a canoe oar. The handle broke with the first strike of the splitter axe to the target wood upon which Jason remarked "I shouldn't've bothered. I'm going to buy a proper axe from the hardware store"
I shouldn't've given all my lunch to that homeless man. Now I'm hungry and I done have my wallet.
by Jason Veenman August 14, 2018
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