A drinking game. Someone yells "SHOT-FOR-SHOT" and then everyone in hearing distance must take a shot of something that is at least 30% alcohol.
Marissa: Shot of vodka?
Alex: No, how about Fireball.
Marissa: That'll do.
Alex: Damn peer pressure.
by OMGWTFTSYAKM July 07, 2009
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Shot for shot is a game in which two males try to prove their manliness.

You would take turns striking at one another; the hitter can hit as hard as they like, and the receiver cannot move away to the dodge the blow. Generally played by hitting the arm, but anywhere is acceptable. Although the game is viewed as INCREDIBLY stupid, the winner is seen as "badass" due to the violent nature of the game.
Guy1: Dude, let's play Shot for shot.
Guy2: Shit, I can't even move from last time...
by JustAnotherCracker January 12, 2006
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This is a game you play with a friend either when you are out or when you at home. It's a fun simple game that involves you just taking shots. You don't need a special occasion to play you just play b/c you want to! It is important to note shots, shots, shots should be encouraged especially while the LMFAO song of the same name plays in the background of Ni**as in Paris by Jay-Z and Kanye.
Diana: "I"m bored!"
Laura: "Let's Play Shots, Shots, Shots"
Diana: "ok"
Laura: "Sweet"
by PaigeKrist December 19, 2011
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this is a game played with two alcoholics trying to get drunk with eachother. One person buys two shots for the two of them, then the second person buys two shots. This continues until you are sufficiently drunk or blacked out preferably
Hey Johnny lets play you shot I shot to get shitfaced.
by functioning alcoholic October 01, 2011
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