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Established In The Year 2006 By The Noble Sir Shev, In Order To Vanquish His Most Hated Of Foes The Lord Shmatt

A Challenge Is Set Or Gauntlet Thrown Down By A Gentleman Of Sorts To A Worthy Adversary

One Must Get Between 2 Unrelated Wikipedia Articles By Clicking Only On Internal Links And The Random Article Button In The Least Number Of Clicks Possible

It Is Highly Prohibited To Search The Latter Article Via The Search Bar
shotgun-to-the-face challenge is as follows

Shev: I Say Shmatt I Would Wager That You Sir Cannot Get From The Article Cheese To Bill Gates In 5 Clicks Or Less Throws Gauntlet Down

A Little Later...

Shmatt: By Jove, I Have Done It In 4

Shev: Curses My Plan Has Failed
by Sheva November 10, 2006
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a millitary stratagy thats good in any situation, espaecially killing Griff. THe term originated in the popular webshow Red Vs. Blue by RoosterTeeth or Cockbite.
Sarge- time to use shotgun to the face. *shoots Griff*

Griff- IM starting to beleive shotgun to the face isnt a real military stratigy.

Sarge- Yeah but its fun to kill lazy bums.
by Caboose97 March 07, 2011
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