a redneck wedding in which at least 1 of3 males attending carries a shotgun to the wedding or some other firearm. Often results in drunken misfires killing guests. Usually held at trailer parks or farms. Often more than one person there is missing a limb from farming accidents, and almost none have all their teef.
Redneck 1:Little Billy Ray Joe Bob Jr. and Amanda Mae Sally Sue are having a shotgun wedding at his mamas trailer lot, hope none of tha guests git shot!

Redneck 2: yep. we betta bring our whiskey and huntin rifles...

by ArmyWife4Life May 19, 2006
A term for a forced marriage after an unexpected pregnancy.

Originating from when the father of the pregnant girl would force the baby's daddy to marry his daughter at gunpoint. This gun was most likely a shotgun as many fathers in the United States were hunters.
Bill knocked up Suzie and now they're having a shotgun wedding
by Sham-Whoa May 21, 2009
When a couple unexpectedly get pregnant and they say, "Why not?" and just move in together and maybe a few years down the road quietly get married and nobody says much aboot it. Eh?
"So how did you two meet?" "Oh, we were drunk and our birth control failed, eh? So we figured we'd have a Canadian shotgun wedding."

"Will there be a lot of people at your wedding?" "No, just immediate family, eh?. Didn't want to make a big fuss 'cause it's a Canadian shotgun wedding."
by Mommy Rotten May 27, 2013
When a friend of yours thinks a great idea to get married, though months into it realizes it is absolutely horrendous and awful, but he can't get out of it because there is a child on the way.
Person 1: Hey, can you believe what happened to Kent? Just a shame...

Person 2: Who gives a crap. He had his chance to get out of this reverse shotgun wedding, but he's screwed now...forever...
by Whitehall Dr February 28, 2010
A rushed marriage that crumbles to pieces after a couple of months. Derived from a "shotgun wedding" where the bride and groom are forced to marry due to an expectant child. In a reverse shotgun wedding, the couple is rushed amongst themselves and the whole thing blows up in their face.
Person 1: Did you hear about Kent's marriage? What a disaster!

Person 2: Well what do you expect? Everyone knew it was a reverse shotgun wedding.
by W-JohnSt February 13, 2010
See shotgun wedding. When the female party involved in the shotgun wedding is pregnant with twins.
Ainsley: My single friend Carlene just got knocked up with twins.

Daniel: She's in line for a double barrel shotgun wedding.
by D-Glove March 19, 2004