4 definitions by iSheep1E

A guy. Typically used in a positive way.
Person 1: do you like Paul Rudd?
Person 2: yeah, he's a cool cat.
by iSheep1E March 26, 2021
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A term (typically used in Shooter games) to indicate that you shot/hit an opponent.
*Shoots opponent*
*Loses gunfight*
"Awh, I got so many shots off on that guy!"
by iSheep1E April 18, 2018
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guy 1 text: *sends photo* "thinking of getting these flames"
guy 2 text: "ahahahah you so funny sometimes"
guy 1 text: "iap😐"
by iSheep1E April 21, 2016
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The Mad Bass Twitch is a symptom caused by bass. (For eg. In an electro song)
Listen to this song, I just had a mad bass twitch
by iSheep1E January 31, 2015
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