A short woman, typically around 4 feet tall, that's curvy and well endowed in the chest and ass regions. A curvy girl who only comes to mid chest height with Huge Tits and a Plump ass.
"Holy shit did you see that Short stack? Her tits are so big she could Titfuck me without having to bend over!"
by salsaPimp May 6, 2015
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A short woman with an endowed chest region.
"Really, man? You can see her feet in her driver's license photo!"
"Yeah, but she's a short stack."
by Tiggums August 24, 2008
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In the game of Poker, a player who has a small (or smallest) amount of chips at the table is said to be have the "Short Stack" or be "Short-Stacked."

You often see short-stacked players go all in if they have at least one overcard or any pocket pair.
Phil Hellmuth, after mucking his hand on tilt, found himself short stacked.
by Giskard March 22, 2005
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an awesome Australian pop punk band formed in 2005. Band members include Shaun Diviney (lead vocals, guitar), Andrew Clemmensen (backing vocals, bass) and Bradie Webb (drums, keys). They are extremley epic, have awesome hair, and have an extrodinary musicalal talent. Just because most people are into techno and rap doesnt mean they suck. And theyre hot and have never been rude to their fans. and would be even awesomer if they came to my hometown. True vibers tbh.
Have you heard of Short Stacks new single, Sweet December? Its epic!
by Lover to the bone December 19, 2009
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A three piece boy band of the indie-rock genre originated in Budgewoi, NSW in 2005
Band members Shaun Diviney, lead vocals and guitarist, Andy Clemmensen, Bassist and Back up Vocals, and Bradie Webb, Drummer and Keys
Fans age from 11-20 + and their music affects people in different ways.
Hated for their look not so much for their music, mainly the hair, (which I think is fucking sexy)
Their songs are mainly about love, both aspects of it and lyrics are well written.
Pay a lot of attention to their fans, are NOT cruel, if you have met them they are incredibly nice.
To their fans they are loved, and honestly we don't really care if you think they are shit, because we are proud that we are their fans

Andy Clemmensen as also in an sketch for Bloke Man playing school boy Kevin when he was younger
Short Stack; The city lights were fading, I saw her on the pavement, Dressed in black and, Writing wrongs, The station played her favourite song,
by PsychoFanGirlsAreEvil December 14, 2009
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I wasn't that hungry after drinking all night, so I ordered a short stack and a side of pig dicks.
by Slambo July 20, 2005
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A very short midget, really annoying and weird with brown curly short hair with blueberry eyes 👀
by Random_HotBrownie March 4, 2022
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