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A coozy, aka coozie, is an insulated holder for keeping drinks cool (typically beer or soda). Usually made of neophrene, styrophome, or other types of polymers/rubbers, a coozy can typically be found in the south, often adorned by Nascar numbers, funny sayings, or advertisers.
Glenn was a serious Nascar fan, and he even had a tattered coozy with Dale Earnhardt Jr's number on it to prove it.
by Giskard July 12, 2004
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The term "duck," as often used in the game of pocket billiards (or pool), represents an object ball that is directly in front of a pocket (one that is typically easy to make, or nearly impossible to miss).

These types of balls are referred to as "ducks" because they are "as easy to shoot as a duck."
I played the shot a little too softly, but at least it left me with a duck for my next shot.
by Giskard July 06, 2004
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In the game of Poker, a "Jammed Pot" refers to a pot (the place where bets are made on a poker table) that has been raised the maximum number of times.
Whoever wins the jammed pot will become the new chip leader.
by Giskard March 22, 2005
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In pocket billiards (pool), a "crutch" is the stick used to shoot with when you cannot reach the cue ball. It is formally known as a "mechanical bridge".

It's referred to as a crutch to insinuate that you're a lesser player that needs "help" to make a shot (this is a very big misconception, however).

It is sometimes also referred to as a "wussy stick".
The only way he could make the ball was with the damn crutch!
by Giskard July 02, 2004
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A term used in Denver (and perhaps other cities) that stands for the "LOwer DOwntown" area of the city. It is often used in radio and TV advertisements.
We're going to lodo this weekend to catch a Rockies game. Would you like to join us?
by Giskard July 20, 2004
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"Pay Out" is a term commonly used in nightclubs and bars that a patron and/or server uses to indicate that it's time for payment.

This is not to be confused with the term pay up, but it is similar to settle up and tab out.
Hey Bill, I'm gonna pay out after I have one more beer.
by Giskard August 10, 2004
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5th street is a term used in various games of poker (commonly in Texas Hold'em and Omaha).

After the flop, and the turn, comes 5th Street, which is the 5th community card to be dealt face-up. A more common name for 5th Street is the river.
Johnny had the nuts, but I caught him by surprise, and by luck, on 5th street.
by Giskard July 20, 2004
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