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WYSIWYG, "What You See is What You Get," was originally used in the early days of word processing software to indicate the way in which a document would appear on-screen or in print. Pre-WYSIWYG word processing applications relied on different "modes" for various actions, such as editing and viewing. At that time, you couldn't "see" exactly the way a document would look until you printed it or viewed it (outside of edit mode). With the creation of WYSIWYG word processors, users could see exactly the way a document would look on-screen or in print while editing it.

Today, the term is used frequently on the Internet for special text editors that provide rich editing functionality, used in creating Web sites, online email messages, and the like.

Some examples include:

- Microsoft Word
- Macromedia Dreamweaver
The introduction of the WYSIWYG editor was a major milestone in the word processing industry.
by Giskard July 15, 2004

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The word Tar Heel (or, Tarheel) is the nickname given to someone who is a native or resident of North Carolina, the Tar Heel State.

The term allegedly comes from the Colonial Era in which tar was one of North Carolina's major products. It came from the workers who walked through the forrest accumulating the tar on their shoes.

A more colorful explanation comes from the Civil War in which North Carolinian soldiers were abandoned by other retreating soldiers to fight alone. Upon returning to the retreaters, the "Tar Heel Boys" told the other soldiers, "Next time we'll put tar on your heels to make them stick," insinuating that they won't be able to flee.
"God bless the Tar Heel boys," General Robert E. Lee exclaimed, on hearing the story.
by Giskard July 13, 2004

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The term "Texas Tea" was originally used to describe oil, and was popularized by the hit 1960s television show, The Beverly Hillbillies: "Oil that is, black gold, Texas tea."

Today, the term can also be found in your local bar as it represents the name of a mixed drink, also by the same name:

Texas Tea:

2 oz Tequila
2 oz Rum
2 oz Vodka
2 oz Gin
2 oz Bourbon Whiskey
2 oz Triple Sec
2 oz Sweet and Sour Mix
Then one day he was shootin at some food,
And up through the ground came a bubblin crude. Oil that is, black gold, Texas tea.
by Giskard July 06, 2004

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A coozy, aka coozie, is an insulated holder for keeping drinks cool (typically beer or soda). Usually made of neophrene, styrophome, or other types of polymers/rubbers, a coozy can typically be found in the south, often adorned by Nascar numbers, funny sayings, or advertisers.
Glenn was a serious Nascar fan, and he even had a tattered coozy with Dale Earnhardt Jr's number on it to prove it.
by Giskard July 12, 2004

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A term used in Denver (and perhaps other cities) that stands for the "LOwer DOwntown" area of the city. It is often used in radio and TV advertisements.
We're going to lodo this weekend to catch a Rockies game. Would you like to join us?
by Giskard July 20, 2004

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In the game of Poker, a player who has a small (or smallest) amount of chips at the table is said to be have the "Short Stack" or be "Short-Stacked."

You often see short-stacked players go all in if they have at least one overcard or any pocket pair.
Phil Hellmuth, after mucking his hand on tilt, found himself short stacked.
by Giskard March 22, 2005

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"Tab Out" is a term commonly used in nightclubs and bars that a patron and/or server uses to indicate that it's time to pay the tab (the bill).

This is not to be confused with the term pay up, but it is similar to settle up and pay out.
Hey Bill, I'm gonna tab out after I have one more shot of Jaeger.
by Giskard August 10, 2004

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