Someone who's legit retarded. Like someone who rides the short-bus. The bus that all the sped kids ride. Like kids who scratch their assholes and proceed to take that finger and sniff it.
You: You remember Sean Wong?

Friend: Oh yeah that short-bus!

You: Well that short-bus got into a college that none of us got into.

Friend: Like how, he legit scratches his ass and sniffs it after.
You: I don't fucking know my guy, I don't fucking know, but I know that the sped kids find it offensive when you group him in with them
Friend: Bro...
You: Bro...
*Proceeds kissing and making love*
by Knee_Ghar69 March 28, 2022
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Most often used when describing someone as a retard. "Special" folk ride the short bus, you see.
Jonny rides the short bus.

Wow... Did you come to school on the short bus today...?
by Socks, Bloody January 17, 2006
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Buses for special educated kids.
They usually for handicap student. If your in the US

Some school use these buses cuz they do have enough money for the bigger buses.
In other countries they just use it for other reasons.
I loved short buses a very long time ago.
by Phibun August 11, 2020
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A school bus which is often used to transport handicapped students. I used to ride the short bus, but it was just a regular bus which happened to be around half the length of all the rest of the buses; not specially designed for the handicapped.
AJ enjoyed doing annoying things while we rode the short bus.
by 010101010101010001011101 March 8, 2005
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a friendly term used to describe some one that is a little show at catching on to things
Person 1: Dude, thanks for turning in my homework for me.
Person 2: No problem, short bus.
by Matt-fu January 29, 2009
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