The act of Double Fisting a Girl. Named the Short bus for multiple reasons, one being it would take a girl who is retarded to allow you to do it to her. The other you are putting 10 in here slightly more than the minivan which only seats seven.
I met this diry hooker who let me drive the short bus right up in her. The next day I had to take her back to the state home.
by Nick Scheib December 13, 2007
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the vehicle that the government protected classes of people choose to ride because their to ignorant to notice their own short comings.
ted: have you ever had to ride the the short bus, Bob?

Bob: not since I realized that getting any government welfare gets you nowhere.
by oldmountianman October 6, 2014
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A small shuttle bus used to transport lesser known VIPs not important enouph to merit a limousine service.
On Parliament Hill in Ottawa the lesser known politicians travel around by short bus.
by Bill the Cat April 29, 2008
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Slow thought process. It refers to the bus that transports the disabled kids to and from school, not to be confused with the senior citizen's bus.
Did you come in on the short bus today?
by friendsoftina January 6, 2004
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The Short Bus is the bus you see people with special needs riding on. Sometimes referred to as ‘The Sunshine Bus’.
“My brother rides on the short bus, he’s got severe autism.”
by ratboii June 9, 2018
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A horizontally challenged bus that people have become accustomed to watching pick up developmentally challenged children and adults. Cleverly worked into an insult when someone does something stupid.
"What the hell are you doing pissing on my rug? I didn't see a short bus outside"

"The short bus picks up my neighbour's kid every morning. He looks like that banjo boy from 'Deliverance.' In other news, I have a first-class ticket to hell."
by Lazarus Ciccone December 27, 2005
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