When your friend cums inside you and you wait for him to say no homo
I shoot a gun cause I'm a swagger
by Fletcher_stone October 30, 2015
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The act of masturbating. Just another name. When you have shot your gun, you have masturbated. One can use cod perks to further describe their experience, like steady aim, extreme conditioning, or assassin.
-"Yo bro, where were you last night, I didn't see you at the party. Were you shooting your gun??"
-"Yo sorry man I was shooting my gun using extreme conditioning last night to pictures of Kate Upton."
-"Oh don't worry about it man, everyone does it."
by addumUP September 5, 2012
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1.) Misspelled form of shotgun.
2.) What you do with a gun.
1.) (Excerpt from a Redneck definition:).....sitting out on their front porch holding a shootgun talking about niggers.

2.) Shoot the gun, dammit!
by ME October 25, 2004
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A term for having sex with a younger female.
I heard that Derek was shooting guns at kittens on Saturday!

My hot chick is a kitten. And luckily I know how to shoot one.
by fancyphoenix December 4, 2015
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Someone who tells you things in a straight fashion or in an honest way. they don't lie about that situation
person 1: that shirt is very ugly on that person
person 2: use the straight shooting son of a gun method on him so he understands

person 1: yeah i gotta do that

person 2: that would be the best thing to do
by south side creepers December 4, 2017
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