Drinking wine, especially a nice expensive one, straight from the bottle, forgoing the glass, aerator, decanter, etc.
"Shoot from the hip!" they said, as Jim slung back the bottle of 2005 Bordeaux and took a few big gulps.
by Areku421 August 16, 2011
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the moment in which your gonna ejaculate on a girl.
I'm gonna shoot it, bang-boom
Shoot from the hip Got it loaded bang, pull the trigger boom I don't never miss
Hot sweaty steel, a woman's finger's on my gun
Pull it hard, touch the trigger Squeeze it when I'm gone
Ooh, come, woman, touch me, put it in your hand
Take a hold heart and soul Honey, I'm your man
Cock the hammer slowly and aim it at your love
Put my barrel in your holsterHot and sticky, here it comes
I got the bullet, load it up Slide it into place
My emotions Coming down all across your face
Like a velvet glove
by Edwierdo420 January 14, 2012
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Originally made by Adam Waugh of California, meaning "to hump".

It originated from the motion given when a gunman shoots from the hip, and the recoil of the gun gyrates his hip back and forth. This motion is often simulated, with a pistol-shaped hand at the hip, in slow motion, to point out a girl with whom one would like to "shoot from the hip" with to one's friends.
Billy was doing fine with his cousin as his date to prom until he started to shoot from the hip.
by el marco August 29, 2004
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If people figuratively shoot from the hip, it means they say what they think without mincing words. When speakers shoot from the hip, they keep people off-balance, so to speak.

These academic advisers are a polar opposite of the Dean of the Law Faculty who is analytical, intentioned and deliberative. These advisers shoot from the hip when talking without mincing their words. They keep people off-balance when saying what comes to mind.

directly frankly impromptu
by chenrong January 08, 2017
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When a man ejaculates out of his non-erect penis
I think I'm about to cum...
But you're still soft?
Yeah, I'm going to shoot from the hip
by user31415 January 12, 2021
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