v,(shüp): To brawl unexpectedly and breifly.
"What you want to you?" "I want to shoop." or "Surely we will shoop for a cigarette."
by Halloweeny November 14, 2009
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To divorce amicably, a “conscious separation” but with the satisfaction of launching a successful entrepreneurial venture after the fact (or making any money at all), and therefore not needing to share the profits.
Knowing the idea was going to be a success, she made a cold play: she pulled a shoop and goop and got out quickly.
by ninewoods July 17, 2019
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Now she will stitch your blanket if you give her a bath, and she loves to eat frozen pizza,and every now and then she goes out side and talks to herself on thje swing set, and yells, "Loud noises,lets be loud,wooooooooooooo".
Daphie: we should smack the mail man

Clara: you mean like Darlita did, that bitch is crazy!

Daphnie: hell i think Darlita killed that fucking mail man!
by James franks the 3rd January 30, 2005
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The worst YouTuber in the world, often steals other people’s content and thumbnails. Also is a cyber bully and has a lack of friends due to his sick attitude to others and only has fake online friends to make him happy, also lies about pretty much everything so he can be popular.
Your a shoop 904. Meaning, Your a wet jealous frick with no life.
by qpwoeirutu1111 June 04, 2019
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The sound one makes as they fire their laser.
Imma chargin' mah lazer!
Imma firin' mah lazer!
by /b/tard August 08, 2006
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The act of firing one's lasers, typically annihilating the victim completely, this term originated with the comical short flash film: "Syntax Error 2", and was made famous by the youtube film: "The Lazer Collection".
Shooping or Shooping Da Whoop, as it's known in verb tense, is done with an eccentric cartoon expression with bulging eyes and a wide gaping mouth. It's often known to be done at random.
Head of Common Mockery: "I am the head of common mockery. I will grant you three wishes."

Random Boy: " woa, is that true? Are you really gonna grant me three wishes?"

Head of Common Mockery: "No. My real purpose here is to FIRE MY LASERS, GAGHH!!!"*Shoop Da Whoop*
by Duexis September 02, 2007
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