To abstain from touching the opposite sex due to a moral or religious upbringing
Levi is most definitely not Shomer, he loves touching woman.
by this is my pseudonym was taken February 7, 2017
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The Jewish day of rest. That means that you don't work, you don't drive a car, you don't fucking ride in a car, you don't handle money, you don't turn on the oven, and you sure as shit don't fucking roll!
Donny: How come you don't roll on Saturday, Walter?
Walter Sobchak: I'm shomer shabbos.
by trarei August 7, 2011
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A Jew who is only shomer with Certain people and at Certain times.

Someone who doesn’t touch members of the opposite sex for religious reasons, however when a hottie wants to hook up, they make an exception.
My friend Shifra, told me she was shomer but I saw her touch Dovid the other day so I guess she’s Selectively Shomer.


Person 1: her Rivka wanna hook up on the next Shabbaton?
Rivka: no I’m shomer

Person 2: hey Rivka wanna hook up on the The next Shabbaton?
Rivka: omfg of course babe

Person 1: What? I thought you were shomer?!?

Rivka: haha no I’mSelectively Shomer!
by @sarahbellaweasley December 30, 2020
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a tradition where men can't touch those named cayleigh
daniel couldn't touch cayleigh because he is shomer cayleigh
by johnny buckland October 2, 2011
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this fine phrase is used as a modern day equivalent of 'less is more' in regards to partners
shomer, meaning to guard in hebrew, and mars bar, in direct reference to a well known nougaty chocolatey treat combine in this well known phrase as a means of refraining from physical contact with the opposite sex.
whilst its ancient origins are some what unknown today,it is believed that its original roots are based on a scale of sickness.
one mars bar= perfect. its really nice innit?
two=umm feeling a bit sick now
three= i really dont want another mars bar
four= ewww get it away from me
..... etc

upto 23 mars bars= the mars bars gang up and kill you.

it is therefore wholly reasonable to draw a conclusion that one mars bar, that special mars bar is best for all involved.
dalia:you just annihilated that clay pigeon,high five shlodawgg!
emily: noooo you cant hes Shomer -ne- Mars Bar.
dalia: oh so sorry.

emily: i just dropped my favourite toothbrush off the side of the empire state building. can i have a hug?
Shleminem: no im Shomer -ne- Mars Bars.
by ilovenewyorkcityohhhyessss August 16, 2010
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