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Also known as June Lapine, shoe is an anti-feminist youtuber, who is well known for her videos on women's rights, the occasional video with her boyfriend Armoured Skeptic, radical feminists and the idea of the patriarchy. Her current most viewed video is a parody of the patriarchy, with herself running around with sweatpants all the way up to her shoulders, neon pink socks, and wearing a Donald Trump mask while screaming a sound only described as "REEEEEEEE".

In short, Shoe is part-time youtuber, full time meme Lord.
Person 1: "Hey, did you see Shoe0nhead's new video?"

Person 2: "yeah.... Shoe is a fag"
by Not Todd Kraines June 13, 2017
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a fine ass honey with an even sexier brain
woke yolk 1: ayy yo, did you catch shoe0nhead's new installment of internet bideo entertainment. it was fucking beautiful bro.

woke yolk 2: you bet your sweet asscheeks i did boo. for real tho. i may be a grown ass man that pays taxes, shaves, and has pubic hair. but shieeet . . . when i grow up i hope to be just like mama shoe one day!

woke yolk 1: right in, my brother. i can relate and understand where you are coming from on a personal level and share the same sentiment.
by king cheddar the dankth June 03, 2018
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YouTuber in the Skeptic community. Named June. Is a short semi-Italian Nazi who is literally in an incestuous relationship with her father who is also the second coming of Hitler.

Has a bunny named Ollie. Greatest talent in life is being meme-able.
George: "Have you seen shoe0nhead's new video?"
Jason: "Nah, she never uploads anyways."
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by BrownieDough May 15, 2018
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