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A habit or action in which you continue to engage, despite the fact that it has burned you in the past.

The term is derived from experiments where a rodent is put into a maze containing a delicious piece of cheese (perhaps Roquefort) that is hooked up to a wire that shocks the rodent. The rodent keeps forgetting that's the shocky cheese.

Coined by 710 KIRO AM radio host Luke Burbank on the show "Too Beautiful To Live."
"Starbucks is my shocky cheese. I was already paying for my latte when I remembered, 'I hate this place!'"
by eeMuLi April 25, 2008
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Any kind of behavior that is actually hated for which the dislike is regularly forgotten until in the midst of acting upon said behavior. Could be an activity that is repeatedly performed or spending time in the company of another individual. Like a mouse repeatedly getting shocked by cheese in a laboratory. First mentioned on the Seattle radio show "Too Beautiful to Live" by Luke Burbank.
Every morning Starbucks gives me a shocky cheese moment when I go inside, order a coffee, and then realize that I hate Starbucks.
by Suckrpnch April 25, 2008
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Anything that you do, or anyone you interact with, or any kind of behavior that you actually you forget sometimes that you hate it UNTIL YOU'RE IN THE MIDST OF DOING IT!
Example #1 - A cute little lab mouse that is forced to find his way through a maze to find the chunk of cheese with the electrode in it. The mouse has been shocked by the cheese 100 times and yet, he takes a bite. As his teeth touch the cheese it suddenly occurs that he doesn't want to eat it, he doesn't like to be shocked but too late...ZAPP!!! Shockycheese.

Example # 2 - You hate the owner of a certain espresso company and have decided not to frequent one of his millions of establishments yet due to the convenient location and consistant yumminess of their products you find yourself in line and just after you have placed your order and are handing them your money you remember you hate the owner and do not want to give him anymore of your money it's too late...ZAPP!!! Shockycheese.
by TBTL April 25, 2008
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A term coined by radio host Don Imus to reference a shockingly appealing odor.
His manhood confidence disposed him to not showering after gym but his funk was shockycheese parfait.
by shockycheese April 28, 2008
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