A city in the San Fernando Valley of Greater Los Angeles with a population of about 100,000. It is the home to many motion picture companies including Walt Disney, Warner Brothers and NBC.
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno always opens with "Downtown Burbank" in the background.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com August 29, 2007
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(1) n. Burbank, California. A large township on the outskirts of Los Angeles, home to numerous restaurants, film studios, ethnic groups, and the adult entertainment industry.

(2) v. 1. To completely dominate or subjugate an individual to one's will. 2. To receive a severe punishment, judgement, or lien which will have significant emotional, physical, mental, or financial consequences.

Similar verbs: to own, to dominate
(2) 1. "Mom totally burbanked me after school yesterday. It sucked."

2. "That test really burbanked us all pretty hard."
by Burbanker April 22, 2011
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is a drinking game.
Burbank is a mixture of the classic drinking games of flip cup and beer pong. Rules: Each team has 6 cups set up in the triangle fashion as it is done in the parent game beer pong. There are two teams, with between 3-10 teammates per side. One team, usually the winner from the previous starts by shooting a beer pong ball at the triangle of cups. If said shooter makes the shot, both teams begin a relay of flip cup. However, the shooter himself/herself does not par take, giving that team the advantage for having made the shot. If the team that made the shot wins the relay, the cup is removed from the opposing teams triangle. However, if the team that did not make the shot wins the flip cup relay, they refill the cup with beer and replace back in the triangle. For the shooting, one player from each team shoots head to head for up to three shots each. If neither team makes a shot in the three turns, then the teams rotate one person, and continue doing this until a team makes a cup. Once all of a teams cups have been removed, the game is over and that team has lost.
History: Named after the city Burbank, California. Was created by three Burbank citizens with initials J.K,K.R, and T.D.N.; while playing beer pong in San Diego at San Diego State University.
Local Burbankian legend J.A.S. is an aggregate 7-0 at Burbank, the only known undefeated player in history
Every party in history should have the drinking game Burbank involved in some way.
by TimDN August 23, 2010
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1. n. A city within Los Angeles County

2. adj. A term used to describe the white trash people that drive lifted trucks with West Coast Chopper stickers on the back, Fox racing, Thor, or any motorcycle paraphernalia. In other words: retarded. Similar to Sick Nasty Bro Bro
Dude I'm going to Burbank.

That guy is so Burbank.
Yeh he must think he's so cool driving that stupid hick truck.
by gruppesechssecurity June 13, 2010
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The process of skimming money from the register of a company that you own.
I was burbanking and made a hundred bucks today at the sub shop.
by sub-matt May 14, 2007
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