To laugh so hard you suck in air through your nose and mouth making sounds that usually come from the other end.
That last joke made me shnork so loud the guy sitting next to me thought I crapped my pants.
by Jo Madre July 06, 2010
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Rather like a schmuck and a dork in one. The kind of person who will foul themself, and, with a spreading stain and at the center of a malodorous plasma, blame the dog.
That Bin Laden is such a shnork, he flunked self-demolition.
by Juan Freeman May 08, 2005
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When a guy ditches his male friends to go meet a chick and get nothing out of it.

When a guy pretends to be the Alpha male but is really whipped by his girlfriend.

When a guy is more feminine than his girlfriend and states all kind of lovey dovey Shit.

A cool exit from the passenger seat of a white intergra full of red stickers

I was suppose to meet up with Rick last night but he pulled a shnork on me!
Eric might want us to believe that he's tough with his gf, but we knwo he's another shnork.
you have to shnork in public
Yo? you saw the way he shnorked out of the car
by Aims January 18, 2006
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When you’re really sleepy and you just wanna go to bed sometimes used to get out of a boring conversation
Girl: heyyy
Guy: sorry I don’t see your text I was shnorked last night
by Jdogiiii October 03, 2020
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