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shnig : 1. verb: To shnig: to put your cock in someones anus and smile
I'd shnig that Fieldy fag.
by baldursgate July 23, 2004
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verb: To let someone down/flake out on someone.
noun: One who commits the aforementioned action.

Similar to when someone does something messed up to you, and you call them a bitch for it.
Bob shnigged on me yesterday when he told my parents I ditched class, even though he did it with me.

Sue is such a shnig: she told me she'd pay me back the money she borrowed, but she still hasn't.
by Kitty Pemberthy August 14, 2006
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(1) Another word for hooking up as in getting some shnigs.
(2) Shnigs is a word that has many variations and infinite meanings.
Hey, Liz, tell us about your shnigs!

Grab me that shnig!
by McThirsty May 26, 2008
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Someone who craves, dies for, etc. the Nintendo Wii. Shnigs often travel in packs, and they will not stop talking about mario, super smash bros., zelda, or any wii games.
Rob: "Bill stayed up all of Saturday night playing wii"
John: "Wow what a shnig"
by JohnnyAppleseed21 November 16, 2011
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same as nigger but not as obviousnigger
(while in a crowd of niggers talking to your buddy)"look at all these uneducated gangsta shnigs"
by haha March 25, 2005
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