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A large spreaded schlop of cream cheese usually schlepped all over a bagel.
Will you stop schlepping that doggone shmear on my toasty bagel.
by SHLOP July 11, 2005
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In conversation, used in place of any word you cant quite remember at that time, such as stuff, or sh*t. Originated in the East Bay Area by The Doctor.
"Where is it located? Right over by the shmear."
"Hey Larry, Where did you get that new shmear?"
by Spencer Burton March 16, 2006
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White, spreadable goodness that is often used for anything.
"You've got some shmear on your shirt!"

"I'm gonna go home and shmear on some totapudi..."

"Hey! You shmeared all over my bed!"
by Totapudi September 02, 2008
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