The american way to spell the german word "Scheisse" which means "shit", "crap", "poo", and so on...
"Friss meine Scheisse!" (means: "Eat my crap!")
by Hammes September 2, 2004
To be selfish, or hoard things for yourself.
by blal August 17, 2008 expression of dissatifaction; 2.nickname for someone named Shawn; #. another way to say shit.
YO Shize!!
by SHIZ-MATIC February 4, 2004
When a person (male or female) claims to take a shower, but really drops a duece then showers to cover up the stench of the nasty shize they just dropped. This will hide the fact that you are taking a duece.
I was at my girlfriend's house (who lives with 3 other females), and had to drop a duece. Instead of facing the embarrasment of violating her bathroom with my stool, I went with the 'ol shize and shower move.
by Big Duece March 18, 2009
A sandwich mainly comprised of human feces or shit that gay men tend to snack on during intense sexual intercourse with other men when in times of high frequency pleasure.
Bob and I had two delicious shize sandwiches for a midmorning snack the other day, although they are high in calories, they pretty darn irresistible.
by Dwight D. Shizenhower October 8, 2009
Many people say that "shize" can mean shit but it is also a horrifying made up company in the game Only Cans which is a weird soda version of the adult web "Only fans" and it depicts a person spraying cans as they moan awkwardly while you do it. If you do it correctly a liquid spills out of the cans and you unlock the next skin. The last unlockable item is horrifying and should never be spoken of in real time.
Person 1: Hey bro what's Only Cans Shize?
Person 2: Why'd you have to remind me.
Person 1: Well what is it?
Person 2: It's from this weird-ass game called Only Cans you can download it on steam although I wouldn't recommend it.
Person 1: That sounds shady man.
Person 2: I don't wanna go in-depth but it's pretty weird.
by purroids May 24, 2021