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A pseudo-Germanic conglomeration, with meaning roughly similar to "shit-storm."
Dammit, Jim! Get over here, there's going to be a major shitskrieg.
by LdG April 17, 2008
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A large quantity of feces output in a considerably short window of time.
Dude! Triple-flusher in 5 minutes, what an awesome shitskrieg!
by vtpinoy January 22, 2011
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When birds decide to cover something in shit (Preferably something that is new/shiny/just been cleaned), they will declare Shitskrieg upon it, and start dive-bombing it, plastering any and all surfaces with faeces.

Basically, it's like Angry Birds, only with poop.
Human: Fucking birds, I just cleaned this car!

Birds: Shitskrieg successful, RTB.
by Ferranax November 11, 2011
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