a natick kid who is unwelcomed to a certain setting. Especially a group of your buddy's little brothers friends that shouldn't be hanging around. Possibly some stragglers from the old Rake household circa 2002
"We went over to Mike's house but all those little shitkids were there." "What are all these shitkids doing here?!" dickbag, douchebag, keiths, mush, pud
by Jason P.H. February 28, 2007
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A wild kid of the early 90s. We listened to grunge, and Seattle punk rock, skipped school and smoked weed. Shitkids had a garbage home situation and usually ran in feral packs of other shitkids.
Shitkids for life!
by smokajawea October 14, 2015
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An incarnation of human feces, and human body.

A Shitkid, is a child who has been created through shit that has been mixed with sperm, and inserted into a woman's vagina.
If the woman has gotten pregnant, after 9 months she will give birth to the shitkid.
John is a shitkid, he's a human, but half of his body is also made of shit.
by Trashy_Trashlord December 02, 2007
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A kid(s) from Natick that ALWAYS sucks to be around. Or a crew of anyones little brothers friends hanging around where they're not supposed to be.
What are all these little shitkids doing here? There were too many shitkids at Rake's house, so I left.
by JH44 November 08, 2006
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