When something is too ugly or hideous to look at.
That is one incredibly shiteous car.
by StipeoTerical April 22, 2009
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-hideous and full of crap (cuss word).
Rita is wearing that shiteous pants again.

I dont know why everyone is reading that blog, its full of shiteous stuffs!
by LadyAlen May 25, 2006
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A non-word utlized by bloggers because it sounds good. Often combining two words to form a new one.
My grammar is probably shiteous too.
by asexycoconut March 2, 2009
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A "word" utilized by people such as escaped mental patient / little boy molester Perez Hilton, who is too lazy to use real words, and instead decides to allow the crap filling his head to fill the internet via his blogs.
Perez: What a shiteous whoreanus celesbian girl that celebrity is.
Anyone with a brain: No one cares.

Perez: Post-gays rock so hard, 'cause they don't stereotype themselves, O M G mainstream queers are so lame.
Anyone with a brain: Shut up, you stereotypical attention-seeking ultra-liberal effeminate douche.
by VSF June 18, 2007
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To be so ugly you're considered shiteous. Hideous and shit combined to make an ultimate ugly.
"Oh my gawd, Jo looks so shiteous with that make up."
by Neaty April 26, 2007
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