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A womans clit. That which is best rubbed or nibbled on. (See Gravy Bowl for like definition.)
While you are tearing it up from behind, reach around and rub that "Little Man in the Boat"/ "Ster the Gravy Bowl"
by JLOH December 16, 2004
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The slang name for the labia which is known for a very experienced woman or whore to have. (See Camel Toe or Clam Shell for like definition. These are the same, but young girls or young women to have these.
Damn, did you see the fucking "Moose Knuckle" on that whore.
(See Sloppy Moose Knuckle and Moose Tracks)
by JLOH December 15, 2004
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1)A dildo

2)A person that is a dick head or shit stain. One that should sit on a broom naked in the corner.

See Shit Stain
Tim looks like a dick. He is nothing but a "fuck stick". Ha ha ha, very funny joke Tim. Oh boy you are a regular Arnold Brounsfiger. Shut the fuck up you fucking "fuck stick". Go do deep knee bends in cucumber patch. Fuck Stick.
by JLOH December 16, 2004
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A little tag-a-long bitch that has nothing else going on in his or her life, but to bother the shit out of you.

(See Chuggle for like definition)
Shit, you are such a fucking Bat Mite. You leach on to my life instead of checking out of yours. Get a life looser.
by JLOH December 17, 2004
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A young lady that has a sweet tooth. She enjoys the thick taste cum. Many loads all at once.
Michelle enjoys her poker night at the lodge. Between her husband Bill and the 47 other lodge members, she is able to chuggle all night.
by JLOH December 15, 2004
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The sex act of being balls deep in her from behind in the doggy style position. Keeping your left knee down behind her left leg and then while still impaling her bring your right foot around and put it on the base of her skull. Once this is accomplished shove her head down with your foot and pin her down and fuck hard until finished.
Holy shit, did you see Jim and Kelly doing the Red Dragon on the dance floor at the prom. Kelly was all twisted up in the game.
by JLOH December 15, 2004
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One who assist's in helping you at sit down at a table.
Bill, you better stay the fuck away from that gay bar. There is a guy in there that wanted to push my stool in.
by JLOH December 15, 2004
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