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(v) To punch someone or something with extreme fury. Also can be used to describe a situation where one will suprise another with a punch in a sensitive area, thereby inflicting large amounts of pain. Can also be used with kick, as in to shit kick another.
I'm going to shit punch you in the dick!
That dude behind John just shit punched him in the face!
by slinkeril January 04, 2007
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The clentching of a fist, and thrusting it forwards into an opponents middle-to-left stomach area. The result is that the opponent will instantly drop all bowel contents.
"I'm Bruce Lee mother fucker. Hi..-ya....shitpunch"
by kimwah August 21, 2003
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shit punch: Losing a piece of one's mind, and literally shitting in your hand to punch someone in the face with said shit.
Larry shit punched his wife for nagging him incessantly about something she could have done instead of nagging him for 20 years.
by Trayniac May 01, 2016
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