An expression that explains how a joking or friendly conversation suddenly took a turn for the worse and is escalating towards a hostel situation and/or a physical scuffle.
Tommy: I have never been so tired in my life
George: That's what your mom said last night
Random Yell from Someone Not Actually Involved: SHIT JUST GOT REAL!
by Darrel charleston November 6, 2007
A phrase originally spoken in Will Smith/Martin Lawrence action/buddy-cop movie "Bad Boys 2," but referenced in Simon Pegg/Nick Frost action/buddy-cop movie satire "Hot Fuzz," signifying a sudden crescendo of danger and/or sudden understanding of dangerous circumstances.
Picnicking friends scoffed at cautionary weather reports. Lightning strikes the ground not more than an inch from the blanket. Wide-eyed, they stare at each other: "Wow. Shit just got real."
by Mackiemesser June 11, 2010
the perfect time to pose as a team, often in a hard-boiled manner
especially prevalent when regarding fictional, 1940s-style detectives penned by Andrew Hussie.
PS, AD, PI: Pose as a team, cause shit just got real
by the weasel king of weasels April 12, 2013
The situation has escalated to the highest point of seriousness and is no longer a laughing matter
by Jademax1990 April 7, 2015
An expression commonly used in mathematics when a complex or imaginary number is changed into a real number.
Teacher: Now we are going to multiply the given root of the polynomial by its complex conjugate.

Student: Damn, shit just got real!
by ttango December 5, 2011
A saying that implies the expectation and/or encounter of something that is inherently dangerous. Additionally it may signify the soiling of underwear.
As the man rode down the wet road on his motorcycle and saw the herd of deer on the edge of it egging their friends to run across in front of him as his headlights bounced off of the freshly rained on surface he though to himself "shits about to get real".

The teacher called on a student who was obviously asleep and made quite an effort to embarrass him, in turn the student stood up and said "you don't have to be such a fucking bitch" and abruptly walked out of the class. Shit just got real.
by Nezzy Nez October 13, 2013
a phrase used when watching a movie to piss people off. used when the movie gets a little more serious.
(The movie goes to a serious/stupid part)
jake: dude this shit just got real
allison: shut the fuck up! your so annoying
by DOMINATORzzz February 20, 2011