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The act of two people shitting in the same toilet without flushing. (intended as an insult to the bathroom owner)
Hirsch has been an asshole, let's shit stack his toilet.
by acoustic sean April 11, 2008
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To tackle someone so hard, both the aggressor and victim land a seemingly unreasonable distance away.
Curt shitstacked him to the next block.

I will shitstack to the moon, bro.

There was a good deal of shitstacking during the football game.
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by Clara Clayton April 08, 2017
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Kirby worked up an appetite at the gym so he when he finished he slammed down a shitstack, even eating the curnels of corn. yummmmmm...
by robbbie is funny August 29, 2003
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When many males all stack up on the shitter, each sitting on the lap of the person below them. They spread their legs and the shit falls down into the toilet.
paul, steve, mel and andrew shitstacked it together
by SteveB August 23, 2004
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