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Shit hands occures when a public restroom is all out of toilet paper. A similar incident known as "shit cat" occures in the home.
Karl: Man, what's that smell?
Janet: Well, the bathroom was fresh out of T.P., so now i have shit hands.
Karl: It happens. Fuck.
by Shawn F August 25, 2006
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When you go to wipe your ass and either A) the toilet paper you've chosen to use fails resulting in shit all of your hand. B) Said toilet paper does not exist or C) Somehow shit actually finds it way onto your hand.

Also related: Poop Thumb (Which is a lessor case of above - Shit Hand)
I was in the toilet when my toilet paper ripped in half, so I have a severe case of shit hand right now.

Ever have poopthumb? Well I have shit hand, that is a whole other list of problems.
by BiggyBigs April 18, 2010
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What happens when you use your hand to finish blowing your load after you have given it to your woman in the poopenshaff.
I had Angelina on all fours and was poking her dumper and was ready to jizz so I pulled out and blew all over her back, now I have shithands.
by Roots February 09, 2005
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