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Crazy ex-wife, pathological liar, delusionally selfish manipulative bitch, home-wrecker, drug user, un-nurturing "mother" to children she'll tell you are yours, but doesn't really know, because she'll also confess that while you're deployed she slept with married men & did drugs with them, while taking care of "your" children. She'll then marry 1 of these other home-wreckers, but only after destroying their family & marriage. She'll then divorce him also, to marry a man that she dates while he is still married, thereby destroying another family & marriage. She'll drag her kids through all of this & somehow, you will end up being the one paying her child support, which she' won't spend on the kids besides she refuses to get a job & how else will she pay for her hair dye. She will also see her children as tax deductions, burdens, & leverage in your life, but that's it. She'll also continue to assume that she has some say so in your life, LOL, which'll be the farthest thing from the truth & when you remarry, she will feel very threatened by your new young faithful wife & the funny thing is that no matter how many times you tell her that your new wife would NEVER want to be their mother, she won't believe you. Oh, & did I mention that unless there is something in it for her, then she isn't interested.
Shirley ann will tell your new wife that she wants to be her friend but that she isn't welcome in their house(which they don't own because she doesn't work and her current husband has shitty credit) and she will also tell her that she isn't welcome in her church either.
by Free At Last and Happy August 04, 2011
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